Volunteer Terms & Conditions


Our obligation to you

As per the offer email, we will provide you with the necessary accreditation (wristbands, stage access etc.) to enable to fulfill your volunteer role.  Where necessary, we will also provide catering should your volunteer role prevent you from sourcing your own food. For some roles, you may be required on site for multiple days. If this is the case, we will endeavour to give you the option to camp in a designated volunteer area.


Your obligation to us

By accepting the volunteer terms and conditions, you accept the position laid out in your offer email and understand that the length and number of shifts necessary will vary between events. You also are confirming that you are aged 18 or above at the time of coming on to site.

By accepting the volunteer terms and conditions, you also agree to adhere to the following:

  • To turn up to all shifts as per the schedule.
  • To turn up to all shifts on time and dressed appropriately.
  • To complete all work as directed by your Line Manager or the Eye Of The Storm Management Team.
  • To attend all shifts sober. Volunteers are prohibited from being intoxicated before or during shift. Furthermore, it is at the discretion of your Line Manager whether they feel your judgement and ability to perform your role has been impaired by any activity. This is inclusive of any activity taken the day previously.
  • Volunteers are expected to remain professional at all times as representatives of Eye Of The Storm and the festival itself.
  • If a volunteer becomes unwell or is somehow incapacitated to attend a shift whilst onsite, it is their responsibility to notify the Staff and Volunteer Coordinator either in person or via telephone with at least 12 hours notice.

It is at the discretion of the Staff and Volunteer Coordinator what action is taken if volunteers fail to adhere to the above. However, it is possible that failure to adhere to the above may result in immediate termination of your position, removal of your accreditation and you to be escorted off site in accordance with the festivals eviction policy. Furthermore, you may also be at risk of losing your deposit (refer to Deposit Scheme below).


Deposit Scheme

All deposits must be paid at least 21 days before the event. If you are paying from an overseas account, you will be responsible for any additional transfer charges.

Deposits are returned to the bank account provided as per the ‘Volunteer Deposits’ form. However, please note it is your responsibility to provide us with the correct bank details and Eye Of The Storm Events will not be liable for deposit returned to incorrect bank accounts due to misinformation.

Volunteers who complete their shifts and adhere to the obligations as listed above, will be returned the entirety of their deposit within 28 days of the end of the festival.



We require advance notice for withdrawing your application and you may not be eligible to receive your full deposit back.

If you decide to buy a ticket to the festival, we cannot refund your deposit.

If you withdraw your application more than 14 days before the start of the festival, we will be able to refund your deposit in whole.

This excludes extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the Eye Of The Storm Events Management Team.



Eye Of The Storm Events is not responsible for loss and damage to personal property or injury through inappropriate behaviour or personal negligence.